Kelley (kelglitter) wrote,

So, um… I’m in a new band. Hug the Con Man formed the week before Thanksgiving, and right now everything is pretty rough and tumble, but we decided to go out on a limb and send a submission to 88.7: The Wave for their Earth Day Battle of the Bands contest to be held April 24. They suggested making a myspace page and sending the link, so we did it.

The recordings are really rough; I think I sound terrible (everyone assures me otherwise but I’m really pretty convinced I need voice lessons now that I’ve gotten to hear myself on tape), but they’re what we’ve got. The site is

Myspace is kind of like facebook in that you friend people that you know/like. We have virtually no friends right now, and seemingly nobody I know has a myspace account (or “has myspace” as the kids say). This means we have no real way of getting any friends except via spamming pretty much everyone we know in every which way, which is what I’m doing here.

Hopefully you can forgive me my shameless plug. Maybe you’ll like the music though if you like rock – you can listen to the tracks regardless of whether you have a myspace account. And maybe, if we’re really lucky, 88.7 decision-makers will like it too, and we’ll get to play an Earth Day show for our first concert. (How cool is that?)

Anyway, that is all. Please return to your regularly awesome days.

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