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Thus begins the year of the moment. A friend introduced me to the notion of boiling down one's resolutions for the new year into a solitary word or phrase, and I realized that my goal of not having any resolutions, and instead paying attention to what my body needed from moment to moment could be boiled down into "moments," except that I object to expressing it in plural because theoretically I should only be paying attention to one at a time. Thus, the year of the moment.

So far, it has gone very well. This morning I called and got an eye appointment for my annual checkup scheduled for tomorrow morning. I also did 20 minutes of yoga, ate breakfast, and read around 30 pages, all before 8:30, which I'm sure qualifies as a minor miracle. This time last year I was just starting to crash, with five days of swine flu starting January 8th constituting the last straw that broke me. There were no more productive mornings for at least six months.

But... that's not all. I've read around 250 pages, taken down the tree, rearranged and cleaned the entire house up (it is spotless save two glasses next to the sink, a dish soaking in the sink, yesterday's clothing on the bedroom floor, and an afghan strewn on the basement sofa), organized the linen closet, done 80 minutes of yoga total, ran 3x800m treadmill intervals (not much but a start), done 63 pushups, 48 situps, and countless hip flexor exercises to balance my defective gluteus minimus, eaten well, paid off all our consumer debt, written bass, mandolin & piano parts for recording one of my compositions, finished a huge project at work, and sneered at nicotine withdrawal. And we're only six days in, chums.

It seems like my momentary impulses are really not that bad. At any given time, it seems like my desires mostly reflect things my body actually needs - who'd've expected that? And just a bit ago I felt like writing, so I started this entry. This may turn out to be a very interesting year.

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